Human Awareness

I believe that life matters, that MY life matters.
Everything I endeavour to do stems from this belief.

What I do embraces 2 aspects:

  1. Certification as an Aware Parenting Instructor (Institute of Aware Parenting)
  2. Diploma as a Facilitator of Self-Healing (Toronto Institute of Self-Healing)

I also happen to play violin (University of Toronto, Bach. Of Music Degree in Performance) That my playing is sometimes experienced as entertaining, is a bonus! But I play music to remind me to continue to awaken, engage & sustain my trust in the sacredness of life. And in turn, touch others’ lives in doing the same… living truly madly, deeply as though every moment matters, every choice matters.

Interested in doing some work with me?

Parenting Skills 101:
Discipline Without Punishment or Reward

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