Human Awareness

Personal Biography

I was born in 1955 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Over the course of many years, I have both studied and worked in Toronto, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia and Genoa, Italy.

I have explored many diverse paths in my life. I have rarely been bored.

I’m currently residing in the Muskoka Lakes Region of Ontario, Canada. I’m the mother of an adult daughter, a violinist (no longer professionally), a yoga teacher, an animal advocate, a qualified and experienced ESL teacher, a certified Facilitator of Self-Healing, and last but undoubtedly not least, a certified Aware Parenting Instructor.

Currently, I am studying and teaching yoga, booking violin performances and offering instruction in parenting and emotional processes (especially relating to life-changes and transformation). I am living off-grid and continuously moving towards sustainable living. Since 2004, I have been embracing the vegan way of life as a daily discipline, particularly in the fresh, raw, plant-based form.

My background consists of many years of my own personal psychotherapy, as well as supervised professional training in facilitating self-healing. In addition, I have had many years of varied experience in the field of personal growth, with clients and students.

All this said, please see “Gwen’s Journey” on my Home Page, for it is there, that you will be able to read stories and experiences of my human trials and at times tribulations, interdispersed within cycles of deep connectedness and great joy.