Human Awareness

Personal & Group Counseling & Detoxification Support through step-by-step Transitions to Higher Levels of Well-Being. Learn More

Personal Consultations $75/hour

Group Support Drop-Ins $15/hour

Gwen has been eating whole, plant-sourced food for more than 10 years.

Spiritual Nutrition, the Transition Process

For Individual & Group counseling – together we will:

  • Identify your particular stage of change
  • Establish genuine compliance for change based on your core values
  • Know your single-most powerful, non-negotiable, motivational factor
  • Set meaningful, achievable goals, short and long-term
  • Document personal strategies for achieving those goals
  • Create your unique plan for Relapse Prevention in written form
  • Monitor and Facilitate the Detoxification Process, physically and emotionally (under your physician’s care and supervision as required) and with the aid of many tools I will offer for consideration
  • Establish new life-style habits as they naturally emerge
  • Define your Spiritual Orientation
  • Follow a Homework Plan of self-study



Consultations, Workshops and Parenting-Support Groups
Two of my areas of specialty are Why Babies & Children Cry and Tears & Tantrums.

Why Babies & Children Cry
PART 1 – Presentation

  • Research and information on the role played and benefit of crying as the most misunderstood natural biological stress-release mechanism.
  • Learning to sort out conflicting opinions about crying.
  • How to be with powerful feelings invoked when parents are unable to quiet their crying babies and children.

PART 2 – Interactive

  • Experiential exercises with fellow participants regarding questions such as “How did you parents respond to your crying?”, “How do you feel about this today?” and “What coping reactions do you therefore possibly resort to in your own parenting?”
  • Appropriate and inappropriate responses to crying will be discussed.
Tears & Tantrums
PART 1 – Presentation

  • Information on the function of tantrums in the healthy integration of learning experiences.
  • Saying “no” to unacceptable behaviours and “yes” to feelings.
  • Separating needs from wants.

PART 2 – Interactive

  • Experiential exercises with fellow participants regarding questions such as “How were your tantrums responded to when you were a child?”, “How did you feel then?” and “How do address tantrums with your own children?”
  • Healthy alternatives to current practices such as “Time Out” will be discussed.

Professional time in person for personal consultations, or over the phone (including Skype)
$75 / hour (payable by cheque or cash)

Professional time for workshops and parenting-support groups depend on several factors. Please contact Gwen for further information.

(I am absolutely willing to negotiate fees where warranted)